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SkyShutter AeriCam – the sky is not the limit

What was the inspiration behind the SkyShutter AeriCam?

From a very young age, radio control planes and helicopters have always captivated Jason, yet it was only after his success in photography (JasonLamPhotography.com) that Jason was able to take on the high costs associated with the category and fully indulge his interest with rc helicopters. As the hobby quickly became an addiction, Jason was inspired to combine his passion for RC helicopters with his expertise in photography to explore the world of aerial photography. Without hesitation, Jason started experimenting by strapping his cell phone on an RC helicopter – with results that left more to be desired.  As he started to purchase commercially available aerial systems from different companies, Jason became increasingly frustrated with high prices for poor design that was often heavy and aesthetically unappealing.   Convinced that he himself could create a product without any of the compromises of the current products on market, Jason set out to create a truly state-of-the-art RC Aerial Photography system to break away from existing limitations and revolutionize the category.  Now, Jason is proud to introduce the AeriCam – quite simply, the future of personal portable aerial photography.
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What is the SkyShutter AeriCam?

SkyShutter AeriCam is an innovative, lightweight 3-axis camera mount coupled with a customized Industry Radio Control Helicopter. The SkyShutter AeriCam offers a cost effective approach for photographers, filmmakers and hobby enthusiasts to create grand and mesmerizing bird’s-eye view perspectives.  What was once out of reach is now within the realm of possibility with the SkyShutter AeriCam. By providing the tools that allow you to capture your dream perspective, we give you the edge to freely explore the sky and leave all competition behind.

With the SkyShutter AeriCam, imagination is the only limitation.

How does the SkyShutter AeriCam work?

SkyShutter AeriCams are operated by RC pilot and a camera operator.  The pilot maneuvers the helicam, while the camera operator steers the pan, tilt and roll of the camera mount guided by the live view feed to the ground station. 

Our camera mount’s main frame and helicopter frame are made with the strongest aluminum alloy 7075 T6 – the same material used in jet airframes – while all inter-joining parts are comprised of aluminum alloy 6061. At 3.5 lb as a 3-axis front mount and 4lb as a 360 underslung 3-axis camera mount, it is dream come true – light weight while keeping structural integrity and durability. 

The SkyShutter AeriCam has been precisely engineered to meet all the demands of RC helicam operators.


Axis: 3 Axis Camera mount (360Pan, 360Tilt, 360Roll)
Mounting: Front mounting (Pan, Tilt, Roll), or (Tilt, Roll) and under slung 360
7075 main frame and 6061
: 3.5lb front mount, 4lb 360 mount
Payload Capacity: Up to 7lbs
Gear: Direct Drive on 3 Axis
Gear Ratio: 5 to 1, or 6 to 1, or Custom
HS-7940TG(Speed and power 6v,0.7sec 220oz of torque) or HS-7950TG(Monster Torque, 6v, .15, 486oz of torque)
Custom Anodizing color
Under Slung 360 Landing Gears
Dual pan and tilt servos

What are the advantages of the SkyShutter AeriCam?

The SkyShutter AeriCam can easily maneuver through tight areas or fly above and beyond in open spaces that have a safe distance from people. Whether it’s a car chase or an over the water shot, the Skyshutter AeriCam is the remedy for your tough-to-get photography situations.

How is the SkyShutter AeriCam customized to meet my needs?

The SkyShutter AeriCam is designed to meet all aerial photography needs without sacrificing function. The AeriCam can be mounted in all of the 3 different orientations known in RC Aerial Photography:  2-way of Front mounting (pan, tilt roll or for aggressive flying: tilt, roll) and 360 underslung mounting (360 pan, 360 tilt and 360 roll) for use for 360 panoramas and 360 virtual photo tours and more intricate maneuvers for videos and filming.  To cater to every AeriCam operator’s preferences, applications and piloting abilities, the SkyShutter AeriCam offers custom options such as: 5-to-1 or 6-to-1 gear ration, or other ratios for pan and tilt, dual servo for pan and tilt for quick and more positive response when using with heavy cameras, adjustable height for tilt axis, custom anodizing color camera mount and heli frame, custom servo torque and speed and degree of rotations, 90, 180, 360.

Can anyone fly a SkyShutter AeriCam?

Although the SkyShutter AeriCam is nimble and easy to maneuver, flying a RC helicopter is generally no simple task. In fact, it is one the most difficult aircrafts to learn to operate, as the spinning blades are especially dangerous. Typically, hundreds of hours of experience are needed to learn how to fly and to properly maintain a RC helicopter. However, with time and patience, the SkyShutter AeriCam can be mastered to meet all needs in RC aerial photography. 

What if I don’t know how to fly a RC helicopter?

Not a problem! To ensure your success in RC aerial photography, we highly recommend SkyShutter’s extensive network of aerial RC pilots, all of who have extensive RC pilot experience. For image makers, the option to partner with aeriel RC pilots is the best guarantee to capturing aerial imagery.

Alternatively, we also recommend computer simulation RC helicopter flying on your personal computer.  With the availability of the simulator at your finger tips, you will greatly speed up the learning process. Once you can comfortably manage flying in the simulator, then you can apply your skills to flying a smaller, less expensive model.

For a slightly higher cost, a flight stabilizer can be installed to further ease the challenge of flying. Another option is autonomous flight stabilizer units, most of the flying, auto landing and taking off can actually be done by way point.

How do I ensure that the SkyShutter AeriCam can set-up to accommodate my camera(s)?

SkyShutter AeriCams only require 5 to 10 minutes of preparation to ensure that mechanics are functioning properly and batteries are charged. 

The Sky Shutter Aerie System is specifically design for cameras such as Panasonic HPX 170, HVX200 , Sony EX1 and Cannon 5D mark II and accommodate everything in between with full 360 tilt, roll and pan.

SkyShutter Helicam Capabilities

Car Commercials chasing shot from an aerial view, instead of ground.
Films---Go farther, higher, in tighter space, much faster setup time than crane and where Full Scale Helciopters are not permitted, or too dangerous to operate. Your imagination is the only limit.
Music Video---fly close and above artist. Add production value.
Over Water to chase boat and simply flyover water for stunning shots.
Replacing the need for creating expensive CG Aerial View Rendering in many application.
Aerial 360 Panoramic and 360 Virtual Tour for Golf Course, New Condominium.
Architectural Photography with Aerial Perspective
Advertising--with a grand and unique perspective.
HD video, 16mm, 35mm motion films.
Digital Photography (Film and High mega pixel cameras).
Live view of aerial footage and picture from Ground. .
Swift setup, almost as fast as setting up a camera and ready for shoot.
Smooth gliding motions

This all sounds great! How is the SkyShutter AeriCam economical?

SkyShutter AeriCam is the most cost-efficient way to capture short range, low altitude Aerial Photography and Aerial Video. SkyShutter AeriCams only require a pilot and a camera operator – and in some cases, only the pilot is needed. Our AeriCam's flying weight is 20 to 25 lbs, while full scales weight approximately 3,000 lbs. Consequently, we use much less fuel and number of crews, making our method thousands of dollars more economical and environmentally friendly. For roughly the price of a high end digital SLR, the AeriCam allows you the freedom to explore the sky.

About SkyShutter Aerial Photography

The SkyShutter AeriCam is the creation of Jason Lam, an established commercial photographer (www.JasonLamPhotography.com) with over 10 years of experience flying and building RC Helicopters. Working in close collaboration with engineers and designers, Jason has constructed his line of unique AeriCams with the perspective of pro RC helicam operators in mind. The SkyShutter AeriCam System is one of the most innovative, effective and cost-efficient ways of capturing Aerial Photography and Aerial Video. It is the ultimate RC Helicam for all your Aerial Photography and Aerial Video filming needs. View AeriCam Image Gallery